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Nissan LEAF at the APEC 2011

10 November, 2011

Aloha from Hawaii!

As APEC 2011 kicks off today, the Nissan LEAF Ride and Drive station at the Sheraton Waikiki is ready and welcoming test drivers interested for a spin the 100% electric vehicle.

Over the next four days, we’ll bring you updates on location and speaking to some of the test drivers.

We’ll ask them what they think of the Nissan LEAF and their experience test-driving the car.

See what some of them had to say today!

If you are in Honolulu for APEC, drop by and experience for yourself 100% electric, no gas, zero emission driving in one of our Nissan LEAF, Car of the Year 2011.

For reservations:
Register online at or visit us directly at the Sheraton Waikiki Car Park between 8am – 6pm.

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