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Nissan Highlights at the 2014 São Paulo International Motor Show

October 30 – The biggest auto event in Latin America, the 2014 São Paulo International Motor Show, opened its doors to the public Thursday, with eyes particularly on a new Brazil-inspired concept car. 

Nissan is among 84 exhibitors at the event, showcasing more than 500 vehicles from 11 different countries.

The new March Rio 2016 Edition

Among highlights of the Nissan stand are the Kicks Concept, the new March Rio 2016 edition, as well as the new Versa, to be manufactured at the Resende plant from 2015.

We had more than 500 journalists around this stage, shooting this vehicle and asking, ‘When is it going to be available in the market for sale?’ They were not only journalists from Brazil, but from all over Latin America,” said José Luís Valls, Chairman of Nissan Latin America.

Chairman of Nissan Latin America, José Luís Valls introduces the Kicks Concept



“A lot of expectations that make us think very enthusiastically about the opportunities that this vehicle will bring to our region”.

Media said the new concept car was a game changer.

“If a brand wants to stay in Brazil, it must have a car like this. Nissan has some cars that are a little more conservative, and this breaks this image. It is so much more aggressive,” said Daniel Messeder, Editor-in-Chief of Carplace, a leading automotive website in Brazil.

Nissan Kicks Concept

“When you come to a Motor Show you expect to be surprised in a good way, in a way that you feel the excitement within your veins, and that is what the new concept did. This concept represents healthy insanity, and at least in my country, that’s what we need,” said Alexis Cares, a presenter at Tacometro TV from Chile. 

The Kicks Concept will be a centerpiece of the Nissan stand through November 9th.

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