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Nissan Helps Rebuild School and Dreams in Sichuan

October 1 – Sichuan, China – Students at Xiangyang Primary school in China’s Sichuan prefecture celebrated the opening of their new school in September, a year after the old building was destroyed by an earthquake.

The new Xiangyang Primary School in Ya'an

The new building in Ya’an is supported by Nissan, which pledged $300,000 to  the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, an NGO, towards its construction. A total of RMB 3 million ($490,000) was donated to the NGO to aid in reviving education services in the earthquake-stricken area.

Since the quake in 2013, more than 200 children had to make do with lessons in temporary shelters but now they’re looking forward to resuming classes in the new building.

Students taking part in 'Monozukuri Caravan' activities

“We didn’t just want to provide a classroom, at the same time we also wanted to provide these children with a dream. That’s why we brought Nissan’s Monozukuri Caravan to Sichuan, to Xiangyang primary school,” said Wu Weiren, deputy general manager of the Corporate Social Responsibility department at Nissan (China) Investment Co. 

“We will continue to expand our program next year and bring the Monozukuri Caravan to the rest of the country.” 

Nissan’s Monozukuri Caravan is a global project from Nissan’s CSR team, which began in Japan and Mexico and has spread to the UK and now China.

Students taking part in 'Monozukuri Caravan' activities

Through “Nissan Dream Classrooms” led by volunteer Nissan employees, students are introduced to car manufacturing through handicraft kits and games that highlight efficiency through teamwork.

“Students in these regions have fewer opportunities to be exposed to things like this,”  said Amy Huang, a Nissan volunteer on the team.

So their reaction to the items that we’ve brought for them is; one, they find it very new and two, they are fascinated by it. We got along extremely well and we were very happy, we had fun and learned a lot.”

Students having a laugh

Speaking to students on the school’s first day, NCIC Managing Director Takashi Nishibayashi pledged the company’s continued support.

“In future, we will meet with all sorts of difficulties but I hope that you will persevere with your dreams. As Nissan, we will continue to strive to realize the dream of every child,” said Nishibayashi.

For students at Xiangyang Primary school, the dream of a new school has come true.


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