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In Memoriam: The Life & Times of Nissan Legend Yutaka Katayama

Nissan legend Yutaka Katayama, the man known as “Mr. K,” died last week at the age of 105.

Mr. K was a passionate ambassador for the Datsun and Nissan brands, and we extend our condolences to his family, friends and colleagues over the decades.

Katayama-san ran Nissan’s U.S. operations in the 1970s and is widely known as the father of the Datsun Z, the world-class affordable sports car. He retired from Nissan in 1977.

In September last year, Mr. K granted a rare three-part interview with the Nissan Global Media Center in which he reflected on nearly 80 years in the car business.

In memory of his great service to the company and the global automobile industry, we repeat the videos that detail his first days at the company from 1935, the birth of the Japanese auto show, and his love of cars and flare for promotion.

Recognition of his career included induction into both the American and Japanese Automotive Hall of Fames as a pioneer on both sides of the Pacific. To see a photo gallery of some of the highlights of Yutaka Katayama’s career, please click on this link:

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