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Doors Open for “Ladies First” Dealerships in Japan

June 20 – Tokyo – Some 65% of global car purchases are decided by women, while in Japan Nissan is increasingly courting female consumers through new-look dealerships and staffing.

In the Tokyo suburb of Fuchu, a pilot dealership managed by women underwent a design transformation this month to make the shopping experience more welcoming and easier.

Called the “Ladies First” project, CEO Carlos Ghosn said the plan will broaden across Japan.

“We’re going to go up to 300 stores in Japan, and this was a first step. Depending on results, we may go further,” he said.

Fuchu is the first in hundreds of planned Ladies First dealerships in Japan, and branch manager Masayo Maruyama says expectations are high.

“The intention is to draw more non-Nissan customers into the showroom. That’s the model concept of the ‘Ladies First’ dealer outlet, and it would be great if we can also have more women to purchase cars from this dealership,” Maruyama said.

Customers say the special services and new dealership design are welcome.

“The showroom is now much brighter than the previous version, ” said Nissan owner Hiroko Yamaguchi.

“I bought a Nissan LEAF, so it’s great that I can charge my EV here while I feed my baby, and older children can play in the kids’ corner. I like the atmosphere very much.”

Nissan has designed cars such as the DAYZ and DAYZ ROOX especially for Japanese women, but Ladies First dealerships are a further step in tailoring both vehicles and the shopping experience to the consumer.




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