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NISMO’s Samurai Racers

April 3 – Tokyo – Ahead of first race of the new Super GT series in Japan on April 6, NISMO racing drivers prayed for victory.

NISMO's Lucas Ordonez

The team, including NISMO president Shocihi Miyatani and drivers Tsugio Matsuda and Lucas Ordonez, visited Shinagawa Shrine in Tokyo, wishing for a safe and successful season.

After a blessing from a shinto priest, they watched as sake was poured over the hood of the No. 23 car.

Ready to race

The ceremony, repeated every year, is called Shutsujin-shiki or the ”Departure for the Front ceremony.”

It echoes the rituals of centuries past when samurai made war across Japan.

For the upcoming season, checkered flags should suffice.

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