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Innovative Groove for Actor, Musician, Techno-file: Pierre Taki

Feb. 21 – Kawasaki – Near Nissan’s Yokohama headquarters, the city of Kawasaki this month hosted the Mainichi Film Awards, recognizing top achievements in Japanese cinema. Pierre Taki, winner of the Best Supporting Actor Award, took a multi-media highway to the event, in a career filled with music, film and TV.

The 46-year-old entertainer, who plays deathrow gangster Junji Sudo in the Nikkatsu film “The Devil’s Path” (Kyouaku), is also a founding member of Japanese techo-pop duo “Denki Groove”.

Taki said the film’s story was violent and controversial, unlike his usual stage image, but he’s happy the movie and his performance were appreciated. “The mood of this movie Kyoaku is so dark, but in contrast, the happiest moment has finally come at last,” he said.

Nissan presented Taki a new Teana for winning the prize in the suspense thriller. His first destination may be the scenic roads of Hakone. “I’m quite sure I will go on a drive with my wife and daughter. This car has an image that matches an elegant destination,” Taki said. “I heard the driving performance is sportier with this new model, so I’m looking forward to cruise the mountain roads of Hakone.”

Looking at his diverse career, Taki said music is his main beat. “I believe my main role is ‘Denki Groove‘. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year – it’s best to enjoy it and not to try too hard. As for acting, I won’t become too proud, like saying ‘I”m a great actor now! just by receiving an award”. I’m just hoping to contribute and make the entertaining content – maybe that’s all I can do,” he said. Taki added that innovation is something common for techno music as well as cars.

“I was influenced by bands such as ‘YMO’ (Yellow Magic Orchestra) and ‘Kraftwerk’. They generated an original sound and gave us an excited feeling about ‘This is what we can expect in the future,’  he said. “I believe it’s the same for cars. Now, there’s hybrids and electric vehicles, and that’s the car attraction for me.” Putting technological innovation and fun in the hands of consumers is a backbeat both for Taki and Nissan, with many new roads ahead for all.

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