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Nissan Launches Global App for iPad

Last week Nissan launched the Nissan Global App, an iPad application that offers news distributed by the Nissan global website as well as Social Networking Services from around the world, making it possible to quickly and effectively access the latest global information about Nissan, its products, people, technologies and relationships.

Let’s walk through use of this App.

Once you have activated the application, please tap the “Setting” icon to arrange the location and language in which you would like to import your news and contents.


In Yokohama, we have the following settings:
Region: Japan
Language: English
Import from: Website, Youtube, Facebook

Once you are done with the settings, let’s have a look!

There are three key functions of this App:

1. Latest News

The latest news section delivers Nissan’s latest news from corporate news releases, and the global media center’s reports and videos. Video content can play within the App. In addition, all this information is consolidated into a single screen that you can also view on the web. The current screen shows Japanese news, but you will eventually see local content according to your regional setting.

Latest News

Here you will see a banner named “Nissan Channel” in the right-hand corner. Tap the banner and you will see a list full of Nissan’s latest news videos.



2. Explorer

The Explorer function displays the topics that are being discussed among Nissan customers. When they select items of interest to them, users will then have relevant items automatically displayed one after another. For example, recent hot topics about Infiniti, Motorsports, technology and its related keywords are easily displayed, while just as easily accessed are news about Infintii-sponsored F1 champion driver Sebastian Vettel and his recent visit to Nissan Global Headquaters, or Nissan’s 2011 Super GT Championship.


3. Map

This function is very simple and convenient. The Map section provides users with direct access to information being distributed by Nissan from a given country in the world simply by selecting that country from the map screen.


For example, select “Brazil” and you will see the latest news from Nissan Brazil and assorted references. You can see information from the “Nissan Inova Show”, and some topics about the Micra car, recently updated in Nissan Brazil’s official Facebook account.


The Nissan Global App is a platform that visitors can easily access to explore all things Nissan, ranging from who we are and where we do business to the products and events that we sponsor.

4. Next Big Thing

For those without an iPad but owning an iPhone, Nissan is now developing a phone App that should we be able to share more details on shortly.

We thank you for downloading the Nissan App and introducing it to friends, while please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.


Yoshiko Amano
Nissan Digital Strategy Department


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