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Nissan to Take Advanced Driver Assist System on Japan’s Roads


Sept. 26 – Yokohama -  Nissan took delivery of Japan’s first license plate for a car equipped with highly-advanced driver assist systems, clearing the way for a LEAF equipped with the technology to begin testing on public roads in Japan.

Testing will accelerate development of fundamental technologies for Autonomous Drive vehicles, which Nissan has pledged to bring to global markets across its model line by 2020.

The Nissan Global Media Center spoke with Research & Development Senior Vice President Takao Asami on the road testing announcement and the implications for Autonomous Drive technology ahead.


“This is a very important step for Nissan to proceed to the age of Autonomous Driving.

This car features the so-called ‘Advanced Driver Assistance System’ with next-generation features, so it is very important for us to have this vehicle to try our technologies in the field.

With the license plate (in Japan) we received last week we can now drive this vehicle on public roads, so we can collect data on real-world traffic situations.”

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