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On-Board with Lucas Ordoñez: A Lap at Suzuka

July 22 -Suzuka, Japan – Join a rare on-board lap at the legendary Suzuka circuit in Japan with driver Lucas Ordoñez, as he takes the #3 S Road NDDP GT-R for a test session ahead of the 1,000-km Super GT Round 5, to be held August 17-18.

A camera inside the GT-R captures the GT Academy champion and Le Mans driver as he completes the 5.8-km (3.6 mi.) course in western Japan in one of the fastest laps of the test session.


“It’s like a dream come true for me. I have driven the Suzuka race track in the Gran Turismo for many years, and in every interview I say it’s one of my favorite, if not my favorite track in the world. And now I can say it: It’s my favorite. It’s so technical, so challenging for a racing driver, and the competition here in SUPER GT is incredibly high. It’s an amazing experience for me.”

“We all know Gran Turismo 5, and 6 in the near future, and it’s so realistic now. I have been training here for many years virtually, and I come in today and set quite good lap times in the real world. So, that proves that the simulator works. I really enjoyed it virtually, but more in reality now.”

My favorite part of the track is all the track virtually as well as for real. The first sector , the S’s (curves) – all very technical, very fast, joining one corner to the other, very tough to get on the right line, and the last sector as well. The double-left corner – very fast and technical again, where you need to reach a good speed on the exit, and the most famous  corner, the 130R. Incredibly fast.

That’s what I must remember. When I go home to Madrid, I’ll have to work with the on-board footage, and I’ll have to work on the data from the team to improve for the race. It’s a very challenging track, very technical, and not easy to go fast in the first days.

I really enjoyed racing with new tires and we set good lap times, finishing P5 (5th Place) in GT 300, so I’m very happy with that, but I want a P1 (1st Place), so I have to improve and keep pushing.”

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